Top Three Sculpting Wax Products You Cannot Miss Top Three Sculpting Wax Products You Cannot Miss

Top Three Sculpting Wax Products You Cannot Miss

Top Three Sculpting Wax Products You Cannot Miss

In the past beeswax was used by sculptors to make waxes. However, the production of synthetics like microcrystalline and paraffin wax, eventually made beeswax seem dated. Microcrystalline is often considered an alternative to paraffin wax, which is the white wax, candles are made. 

Sculpting Wax Products

Freeman Carving Wax Block, Blue, Medium Hard, 1 Pound | by EURO TOOL

This sculping wax block comes for $17.53 only. It is available as a 1-pound block and is commonly used for hand-building solid sculptures or direct modeling. It is also said to be ideal for hand carving or forming intricate patterns. The melting temperature is 226 degrees Fahrenheit approximately, this low melting point makes it very easy carve the wax. If you rub your fingers across the wax fast, you will create friction, and thereby enough heat to soften the wax. It can also be used for lost wax casting of jewelry as it is available pre-sliced. The pre-sliced feature makes this wax block the perfect starter kit for individuals new to sculpting wax products.

JACQUARD/R G S Micro Crystalline 1lb Jacquard Sculpting Wax Products in Off-White

This Microcrystalline wax comes at $15.91 only. We can mix this synthetic wax with paraffin for batik and also use it as encaustic painting. The melting temperature of this sculpting wax product is 175 F. This wax product is particularly great for carving on a small scale. You can also safely use it as a hair product or pomade. The product has de-oiling petroleum in it.

The synthetic wax is incredibly water-resistant, and it softens up with just the warmth of your hand, making it super easy to model. We can heat the wax by putting it near or under a lightbulb, hot water, sunlight, or through shining a torchlight over the surface of the wax, so it melts evenly. We can easily paint on melted wax as well.

Microcrystalline Wax 1 lb. by Sculpture House

Top Three Sculpting Wax Products You Cannot Miss
Microcrystalline Wax 1 lb. by Sculpture House

This Microcrystalline Wax comes at $21.72 only. The nut-brown or victory brown color is an essential all-purpose type of wax. Many sculptors favor it. Also, it helps artists to visualize their final product. The sculptors use it for direct modeling, pulling waxes for bronze investment and carving. It is medium soft and semi-sticky, which makes it perfect for lost wax casting as well. The wax also has a shallow melting point at 98 degrees, which keeps its consistency relatively hard at room temperature yet relaxes very quickly when in hand. The wax has very few bubbles which melt evenly too. 

Final Words

Sculpting wax products come in a host of different colors, shapes, and even materials that give a different consistency and texture. Typically, there are three kinds of waxes – soft, hard, and injection wax. Soft waxes or sculpting waxes and are consistent while resembling clay. We can directly mold this kind of wax can with fingers to create beautiful jewelry, small carvings, or sculptures!

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