The Body Sculpting its types and More on it

Body Sculpting is a term used to describe sculpting your body in order to obtain the perfect physique. Women love it, guys say they couldn’t care less about it but are eager to get their hands on that new batman figure or girl’s toy collection. This method is able to not just melt fat but also tighten and tone the skin, allowing it to take on a more youthful appearance.

The Working of Body sculpting work

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The technology behind body sculpting devices actually came into existence in the late 1970s as scientists discovered that sound could be used as a weight-loss tool; however, this was only seen as working for severe obesity cases. It took until 2007 before Dr Kawashima invented the famous ‘Omron HBF-400 Body Composition Monitor’ and this was tested against other body composition monitor devices. This device used low-frequency sound waves to measure the percentage of fat, muscle, water and bone; now widely used in gyms as a way for members to track their fitness progress.

Evidence supporting the claims made about body sculpting

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Although the technology behind ultrasound weight loss is relatively new – with many clinical trials still being conducted – early tests have shown that it may be an effective method of reducing obesity. In 2009 a study by Dr Sheela Basrur found that 30 minutes three times per week on a machine significantly reduced abdominal fat whilst also leading to small increases in aerobic capacity and strength over time. Another more recent study in 2013 conducted by Dr Carlo Rubbini of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan found that Ultrasound treatment which floods the body with low-frequency sound waves exercises muscles burn more calories at rest and can trigger loss of up to 3.5lb in just one week.

On top of this research, the technology has also been tested on many occasions with devices being approved by health authorities such as FDA in the USA or CE mark for use within the EU. There are different companies producing similar products but overall studies have shown they are not only safe for users but also effective. It is important to seek medical advice before using any device so you may be sure there won’t be side effects in the long term but these have not yet been reported.

The side effects of body sculpting

Although ultrasound has not yet proved to have many negative effects, there is still much research needed before it can be deemed completely safe over time. However, if you do experience any discomfort during or after use this should subside quickly after treatment has finished; simply stop using the device and apply ice to the affected area. If discomfort persists consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Results from body sculpting

Body Sculpting technologies are best used alongside healthy eating plans and physical activities to help speed up weight loss for better long term results. Typically programs are set so users will need around 3 months but these vary depending on starting point so please speak to a specialist before buying.

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