Sculpting Marble Guide - Sculpting Marble Guide -

Sculpting Marble Guide

Sculpting marble – is it that difficult? Marble sculptures look awesome. But in reality, it is challenging to find a figure from a block of marble. In this post, you will get proper guidance about how to start carving a marble figure.

Sculpting Marble – Carving A Marble Figure

Let’s assume that you have a massive block of marble on a bench or table. Now, get a clay model of the figure that you want to carve out from the marble. Even before you start with the work, make sure that you take the measurements – the block is big enough to sculpt the figure you want. Create the model outline on the marble block using a crayon or chalk. Draw both front and sideways to see how the framework fits. Use a ruler or compass for accurate measurements.

Sculpting Marble Guide
Sculpting Marble Guide

Sculpting Marble – Start With Real Carving

Now the actual carving begins – eliminate the unneeded areas of the block. Whack off with a hammer if you need to discard huge chunks from the block. If you find that the hammer is not helping you to cut the block precisely, using a pointed but thick chisel can be the next best alternative.

Hold the chisel on the point that you want to eliminate from the block, then strike with a hammer. Get rid of the unwanted parts slowly, a heavy blow of hammer can damage some portions of your sculpture. So, hit the hammer carefully and then use a chisel to chip the small unwanted pieces beyond the chalk line.

Now, you can use a claw chisel or fork chisel – the other great tool for a professional sculptor – here starts the real curving. Now you can see that the marble block is of the same shape and size as of the clay model. With the help of this claw-chisel, you can level the rough surfaces – make the figure appears fine by pushing down the crests and peaks.

Sculpting Marble Guide
Sculpting Marble Guide

A Plethora Of Chisels

You might start chipping out with a pointed chisel and end up finishing with a thin pencil-like chisel. The claw chisel comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Now, there is another chisel with a curved tip, almost curved like your fingernail. It fits well where flat chisel unable to work owing to its squareness.

Polishing The Figurine

Now, probably your marble statue is carved. If you want to polish it, then start with files, followed by sandpaper. The roughness of sandpaper will remove the big digs on the figurine, leaving marks of scratches behind. Now, use finer sandpaper to remove the scratches – still, you will get small fine scratches. To make the figure faultlessly smooth, you will have to continue using 5-6 kinds of sandpaper. The last one is used with water. You can even grind a pumice stone to make a froth out of that. Some recesses are difficult or impossible to reach using fingers – you will have to remove that using the pulverized pumice with the help of a bamboo stick. And, bamboo will not make any scratches on the marble.

That’s all folks!!! Sculpting is straightforward and simple – experiment yourself and keep learning.

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