Sculpting Hands Techniques - Sculpting Hands Techniques -

Sculpting Hands Techniques

Sculpting Hands

Sculpting hands is stressful most of the time, and beginners don’t get it right every time. But don’t worry as it is not easy to make dolls. Making the hands of toys is a tricky part of sculpting. Most of the sculptures cannot make it perfect even after spending years on statues. The right use of the sculpting technique will give you better results. So, here is one of the best methods to make beautiful hands of your artwork.

Sculpting Hands Basics For Beginners

What you need at first is the right material. You cannot sculpt good hands without the right materials. So, get a good quality clay. Creative paper clay, la doll, and premier are some of the good ones. Get a thin wire of the appropriate size of the hands for your doll. Take a bendable wire which is thin if you are making small hands. The last important thing is the soft brush. However, the bristles of the brush should be smooth so that you can easily shape the clay.

Sculpting Hands Techniques
Sculpting Hands Techniques

Sculpting Hands Additional Materials

You will also need additional materials like pliers, wire cutters, PVA glue, tools for sculpting hands, sanding paper and more.

Although there are several ways to make hands for your doll, these two are good. The techniques involve making of wire armature, which creates a strong base. It also binds the clay, which means it will not break off easily.

Sculpting Hands With Right Technique

First Technique

Our first technique includes two steps. First, make a skeleton of the hand using thin wire. Second, cover the frame using clay on the top of the wire. If you want to make a hand with slightly bent fingers, then use this method. You can easily mold the wire into the desired position to make hands. Add some details once you cover the cord with clay to finish it. Practice it more time for sculpting beautiful hand figures. Use soft brushes to define those crevices and nooks that occur between the fingers.

Second Technique

The second method involves making each finger separately. Join each of them at the end to get the final result. You will face a problem while making each finger as they are small. Moreover, it will take more time and effort. The good part is that you can make any position of hands using this method. You can express the pose of your doll.

How To Do?

Sculpting Hands Techniques
Sculpting Hands Techniques

Start with the wire cutting into small lengths of finger size. Cut the wire a bit longer so that you can easily make bending fingers without reducing the size of the thumb. Don’t bend once you have applied clay. Also, connect the fingers only when it’s over with the sculpting and sanding process. Be careful as you will not be able to make adjustments later.

At last, use a brush and cover all the details.

Important Note

Now, an essential tip for sculpture makers. Use PVA glue with clay so that the clay won’t slide easily from the wire. The key is to let your sculpting hands get dry. Also, never double coat the layers as it will fall off easily. So, use any of these techniques whichever you feel right and make expressive hands of dolls.

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