How To Make Use Of Paper Sculpture Ideas

paper sculpture ideas

One of the most original artistic forms, 3D paper sculpture ideas is emerging to become a timeless classic concept of creativity and art. You will also find many fascinating craft ideas related to paper sculptures. There is an infinite possibility to create amazing paper works with the help of the latest tools and techniques. It can be both fun and exciting to design paper sculptures for your own enjoyment and for practicing artistic sense of beauty. Paper Sculptures are some of the best options to decorate your home, office or other places.

Correct Guidelines

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The most important thing to keep in mind while creating paper sculptures is the requirement of proper and correct guidelines. Before getting into the process, you need to have clear understanding about the paper 3d art concept. These are available in variety of sizes and shapes and also come in various colors. Most of these patterns are printed on translucent colored paper whereas others are designed on polyester or vinyl materials.

In order to make a realistic looking sculpture, first you need to figure out the main shapes which should be included in the pattern. Try drawing a rough sketch of the desired sculptures using the software. While doing so, always try avoiding the use of color or shading in the sketch. It can create blotchy results. Thus, you will need to take care of few things before you start designing paper 3d art.

Paper 3d Sculpture

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After you are done with the sketch, you can go ahead and prepare the required materials for paper 3d sculpture. The first important material which is required for the purpose is the 3D paper. You can check online to select the suitable paper. While purchasing, ensure that the paper is made up of glossy finish so as to get rid of the glare.

The next important thing is to decide the size of the pattern. The paper must be uniform in thickness so as to give a realistic look to the sculpture. Also, there should not be any irregularity in the pattern. The next step involves cutting the 3D paper sculpture. Ensure that the blade used for cutting is thin so as to avoid any warping effect.

Painting The Pattern

The next step is painting the pattern on the piece of paper. It is advisable to use a medium color so as to give a realistic look. This can also help in achieving a uniform look across the surface of the paper. However, it is advisable to use a single tone for the whole surface. In case you want to create a texture on the sculpture, then you may opt for hatching or sketching the design.

For this, you require a fine tip drawing pen. When you use these pens, you will have to use some strokes of the tip to make the paper look like crayon. If you want to give an idea how these paper sculptures are made, then here are a few tips.

You may use the net to find out about different paper sculpture ideas. However, always take into consideration your skill before you start copying the patterns. If possible, write all the information in one sheet of paper. Once you have done so, then start copying the design.

Final Thoughts

You can decorate the paper sculptures in your own way. You can add some paint to make them look vibrant and colorful. At the same time, you should not add too much paint as it may cause damage to the paper. You can even add embellishments like stones and ribbons to give a unique look to your piece. The final step is to glue the paper onto the base.

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