Cool sculpture and Material

cool sculpture

A cool sculpture is a piece of art that has a 3D or 2.5-dimensional design and shape created from materials such as clay, metal, stone, wood, plastic, glass etc…

This can be viewed from any angle and this is what makes it different from other types of art pieces. Art pieces like paintings/drawings are only visible from one angle because these are flat designs.

However to make a sculpture you have to follow some rules depending on the type of materials being used for the project:

Wood sculpting

A man standing in front of a window

This type of sculpting follows the natural lines of the wood grain so when cutting out shapes into the wood you should always cut with the grains not against them because this will split the wood up while sanding.

Metal sculpting

A statue of a man standing in front of a building

On intricate cuts, you can use a Dremel to expedite the project but be careful because it can heat up quickly and burn your hands. Always keep safety in mind when working with power tools especially with metal sculptures because mistakes are not easy to repair.

Clay sculpting

For this type of sculpting make sure that the clay is allowed to dry completely before attempting anything else or you will have pieces falling off once you start cutting into them. It’s best to let them dry for at least 48 hours too. Once they are done drying out then they are lighter weight and more easily cut/carved which makes them easier to work with overall.

Stone carving

This type of sculpting requires many tools such as chisels, hammers and files. Depending on the type of stone being used these tools will get dull so it’s important to have a couple of backups in case your current one wears out.

Glass sculpting

Cutting glass is very similar to cutting stone but if you want smooth edges rather than jagged then use a file instead of a blade. Always use a wet sponge when working with any kind of glass because this creates less dust/fumes that can irritate your lungs while breathing them in.

Once completed the cool sculptures are painted with high-quality paints and finished off by hand once they dried out if needed or else they may start to chip overtime where the paint is applied which does not look as good as they once did. The glass cool sculptures artist who made this one said that their sculptures are very difficult to make because the base piece (the white marble) is very expensive for them to use and they can’t afford any mistakes when cutting into it.

With each shape/design that you create out of these materials, your end result will be different than what someone else may do with the same material so even if you follow a pattern to help speed up the process it still may not come out looking exactly like the sample picture at the beginning of this article because everyone’s design looks slightly different depending on how they are put together.

But when all was said and done I think he did an amazing job with his cool sculptures. It’s very detailed in my opinion compared to other cool sculptures I’ve seen.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and look forward to doing more in the future! 🙂

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