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Best Aquarium Safe Sculpting Materials

Aquarium Safe Sculpting Materials

Aquatic animals like fish is a great pet for your home. Although they do not bark like dogs or charm you like cats, they are still great pets that can beautify your home. Of course, part of taking care of your pets is making sure that the aquarium they live in is safe for them. A lot of owners tend to buy aquarium decorations from stores but some prefer to do it themselves.

Creating your own decorations is so much more fun than going into the store to buy them. It is also a great way to channel your artistic skills. However, before creating decorations for your aquarium, be mindful of the materials that are pet-friendly that you can use. Here are some of the best safe materials for your aquarium:

Ceramics and Pottery

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These materials are generally safe. Pre-made ceramics are the best choice as decoration. You can also use your house mugs to decorate your aquarium. Unused terracotta pots are a great choice as well, they can be breeding caves for your fish. Although they are usually safe, make sure to thoroughly clean these materials before putting them inside your aquarium.


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In most fish tanks, polyresin by itself is safe. It is a great way to design your decoration. However, like other materials, be cautious of your paint and embellishment of choice. In some cases, the paints and embellishment you add for your polyresin décor are harmful to the fishes.

Plastic and Rubber

Plain plastic and hard rubber are safe materials in general. It will make your aquarium colorful and funky. You can even use Lego as an aquarium decoration. Just be prudent in choosing plastic materials. Make sure that there are no stickers and such that can soften plastics in the long run. In doing so, you can avoid having your plastic breakdown.


Plain and colored glass are safe materials. They are durable and can last for a very long time. They are great decorations for your tank as they are cool and nice looking. But, make sure that the glass you are putting inside your tank is naturally colored glass and not painted or coated ones. There is a great risk that paints may chip off and harm the lives inside your tank.

In any case, the materials stated above are usually safe for your marine life. They are fun materials to use if you are planning to sculpt your own aquarium decoration. Just make sure that the additional materials you are going to use are safe as well. As much as you want to make a beautiful design sculpture, you still need to be careful and not go overboard with your materials. You do not want your aquatic pets and other aquatic creatures to be harmed because of your decorations.

This is where you can be really creative. Try out these different materials. They might not be your comfort zone or your usual materials but it could be.

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